Comprehensive funding solution plan for nonprofits

I just returned from our bi-annual staff conference in Fort Collins, CO with around 5000 missionaries. Let’s just say that the topic of funding is on everyone’s mind. How are we going to grow our ministries, especially in ethnic minority communities and inner cities, when funding is completely dependent on donations?

BIVO Solutions is one answer as we move forward.

We work for the day when we can recruit hundreds and thousands of people to join our nonprofits to work bi-vocationally. The nonprofit organization I currently work for full-time recruits people to join us as part-time staff. But our assumption is that they have some other part-time employment to provide for them as they certainly can’t make a living on our part-time donation based paychecks.

What if when we recruit them to join us part-time and that we also have a bi-vocational opportunity option for them?

How much stronger of a recruiting pitch would that be?

With that in mind, BIVO Solutions will continue to press forward with our comprehensive bi-vocational solution for nonprofit organizations, employees, donors and investors.

Are you interested in learning more? Want to benefit? Want to help us grow?

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