Where are we going with this?

The Peyton Jones Hardcore church planter podcast interview went live this week and I’m getting calls, texts, and emails. Pretty awesome. Happy to help folks. So where are we going with all this?

If you are reading this, my intention is to help you become a success story using the Bivo Solutions. You will benefit. Your family will benefit. Your nonprofit will benefit. Everyone involved makes money. It’s awesome. And it works. From day one. Cash flow positive. No waiting around for 5 years for the business to become profitable.

After we have many success stories, my dream is that organizations will implement Bivo Solutions as a part of their fund development and training for new employees. I dream that we will have enough Bivo Property Managers in our Bivo Real Estate Association that we can approach large apartment complexes and offer our people to manage their properties.

Our people will do a much better job than anyone else they could hire and at the same time, our Bivo Property Managers will get a much needed easy side gig to take the pressure off of their finances.

We are just beginning, but we won’t stop until we have Bivo Solutions in every town, state, and country. This works! Let’s get you started. Contact me today!