How can it be free?

I’m an employee of a large nonprofit organization. As a part of my job as Director of R&D, I’ve been tasked with creating funding solutions for our employees and those we are recruiting to join our organization.

Recruiting is an interesting related issue. When I challenge someone to join our organization, the first question is usually, “How do I get paid?”

Like many nonprofit organizations, the answer is that we will teach you how to do fund development (donations, ministry partnership development). You will get paid 100% from donations. If you find enough donation partners, you get paid. If you don’t, you don’t get paid. In the business world, this is known as 100% commission compensation.

Many very capable people we recruit choose not to join our organization simply because 100% commission based on donations is a challenging offer to accept.

This issue makes our recruiting efforts less successful.

Our organization recognized this issue and recently, after decades of not having the option, have opened the door to hiring part-time employees as well as married couples to have one spouse employed (via donations) by the organization and one spouse employed elsewhere.

This change has helped our recruiting tremendously and we are getting all sorts of awesome people joining our organization that in previous years would not have been able to join.

Funding is a huge issue our organization, and other nonprofits. I’m tasked with creating funding solutions. Try them out. See if I can scale them. Replicate them. One success story at a time. So for now, It’s FREE.