One success story

So the thing is, I’ve actually done this real-estate BIVO Solution. I’m a full-time missionary. Been doing it since 1990. Russia. East Asia. Europe and America. I love it. But in 2008 during the great recession, I realized that I needed additional sources of funding for our family to make ends meet.

So in 2010, we purchased an 18 unit high end apartment building in the fancy section of Rochester, NY. It’s been incredibly easy and has provided for our family during the shortfalls in donations as well as provided for us to send our first son off to college.

It’s a cash cow for very little time. I average less than 8 hours per week on managing it. It’s our long term retirement plan. The bank payments are actually more than our missionary salary! So once the bank is paid off, we can retire.

Over the last few years, I realized that what I did could be replicated and it could provide additional funding for nonprofit employees.

My dream is that others will join me in this BIVO Solutions so that we can have BIVO Property Managers in every city, state, and country. I also hope to help these property managers learn how they can become property owners themselves as ownership is even better!

If you would like to talk and want to learn more, contact me today.