Want to make an extra $50,000/year for 8 hours a week?

I know it sounds too good to be true, but it's not. I've created a bi-vocational (BIVO) solution that turns nonprofit leaders into high-end property mangers/owners, and turns donors into investors. The solution generates money.

I’ve created a solution where everyone wins. Nonprofit employees. Donors. Investors. Real Estate Agents. Brokers. Lawyers. Bankers. Accountants. Contractors. Property Owners. Tenants.

As a missionary for the past 30 years, I’ve experienced first hand the biggest problem facing nonprofit organizations of all kinds.  Whether you are a church, food pantry, mentoring program, your biggest challenge is probably funding.  Here’s what makes that issue difficult:

Most nonprofits are completely dependent on donations as our exclusive source of funding.

Funding affects everyone.  Whether you have decades of experience or are a brand new employee, if there are enough donations, you get paid. If not, you don’t. And when we recruit new people to join our organizations, one of the first questions is usually, “How do I get paid?” 100% donations. That’s a tough recruiting pitch!

Dig a little deeper into nonprofit organizations and you will quickly see this is even a bigger problem when it comes to recruiting and hiring employees from ethnic minority communities. In fact, based on my personal experience and this in depth doctoral research report, I’d go as far as to say the personal support donations model used by many nonprofit organizations is deeply flawed and broken for ethnic minorities.

Furthermore, studies are showing that many nonprofit ministries are in a full on financial crisis that will continue to get worse in the coming years.

What happens when donations are not enough?

Most funding solutions for nonprofit organizations are a variation, often clever and unique, but really, just another variation of donations. Golf Tournaments. Allied support raising. Banquets. Fellowship Dinners. Silent Auctions. Foundations. Credit card giving. Give by text messaging. The list goes on and on for new funding solutions based on donations. Every Donation is special, and Nonprofit organizations should continue to work hard to expand their support base. Yet, as awesome as the ideal of personal sponsorship is, there just never seems to be enough money to go around.

There is a tremendous need for additional sources of funding for nonprofit organizations.

BIVO Solutions is the answer!

Property Management and/or Ownership of High-End 18 to 24 Unit Apartment Buildings.

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What We Do

Connecting Property Investors, Owners, and Managers

Launched in 2018, BIVO Solutions pulls together investors, real estate agents, lawyers, financial advisors, bankers, insurance agents, accountants, general contractors, and inspectors to identify and purchase high-end multi-unit apartment buildings. We recruit and train BIVO property managers. We connect the BIVO property managers with the apartment owners. Finally, when the timing is right, we help the BIVO property manager purchase a building of their own.

  • Multi-Unit Apartment Buildings

  • Pastors and Non-profit leaders to become BIVO Property Managers, allowing them to make a full-time salary with 6-8 hours of work per week as a property manager.

  • Church Planters, Pastors, and Non-profit Leaders as BIVO Property Managers at our buildings, knowing that they will care for our tenants better than anyone.

Why Property Management And Ownership

Our reasoning: The solution must be available to the broadest possible amount of people and scalable in any and every town, city, and country. It can not be dependent on a highly skilled education or personal exceptional ability (skills such as engineering, accounting, coding, legal, medical, athletic, etc.). It must fit the nonprofit culture of serving people and making a difference in the community.

Property Managers typically get paid 10% of Gross Annual Rents. From our case studies and personal experiences, we believe BIVO Property Managers can earn roughly $25,000/year working around 8 hours a week on average. High-end apartments take less time to manage and the rents are higher, so the 10% amount is also higher. Owners get even more of the profits. For example, owners can have a company car or truck. Owners get everyday life expenses (cell phone, internet, office supplies) covered by the rental business income. Owners also get the equity in the, ideally, appreciating asset. That’s another $25,000/year in equity for a total of $50,000/year added to your budget.

Nearly anyone can be trained to be a property manager. Housing is needed for everyone. Apartment buildings are everywhere. In addition, sometimes housing is provided for managers, thus lowering a major expense for people in big cities.

Furthermore, current owners of properties around the country report that half of their managers steal from them. Most tenants dislike/hate their property managers.

We believe our trained and educated BIVO property managers will be a significant improvement for current property owners and tenants.

Finally, becoming an owner is easier than you might think. Then you have the option of being an owner/manager or hiring a manager. Either way, property management and ownership of high-end apartment buildings is the perfect solution to provide additional funding beyond donations.

Do you want to learn more?

Are you a church planter or missionary struggling to find enough donations to make ends meet?

Are you a donor that wants to help your favorite nonprofit organization by investing in this real estate BIVO Solution?

Are you a real estate agent or broker that has a great property for us?

Are you a property owner looking for a property manager you can trust?

Are you a tenant that hates your property manager and wants someone better?

Are you a real estate investor that wants to use our managers for your newly purchased properties?

Are you a financial advisor looking for investments for your clients?

Have I told you the best news yet? It’s FREE!

Yes, that’s right. It’s free. For now. I’ll help you identify and purchase high-end multi-unit apartment buildings. I’ll help you learn how to be a property manager in your spare time. I’ll help you as much as I can as I want you to have the funding you need to pursue your calling.

How can this be free?

BIVO Solutions is made up of a group of volunteers and financial donors that realize the need to provide additional funding sources for nonprofit organizations and their employees. We have a perfect solution and we are giving it away.

Oh yeah, and if you are wondering, this solution really works! I did it myself.

But Wait, There’s More!

Had to use that line! Say it in your head with an Aussie accent. This solution is really that good!

Are you a Connector? An Activator? You can make another $50,000.

What if I told you that if you are the one that pulls together the complete BIVO Solution deal in your city, you potentially (based on the laws in your city, state, and the Feds) will get a 3% to 5% acquisition fee/syndication fee at the closing. You potentially can also get 25% equity in the syndication!

So let’s do the math on a million dollar purchase of a 20 unit high-end apartment building. Yes, that’s $30,000 to $50,000 for connecting everyone and activating the BIVO Solution. Each time you do it, that’s another $50,000.  So potentially depending on what you decide to choose to do, you get $25,000/year as property manager. $25,000/year in equity as the property owner. And another $50,000 if you are the Activator. That’s a $100,000 altogether for about 8 hours a week. Plus equity! Not too bad, eh?!

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